When Tally Swipe was being designed we wanted a minimalist interface that was intuitive. Tally Swipe’s controls had to be different from other apps because of this goal. Below is a quick look at a few ways to get started with Tally Swipe. You’ll notice Tally Swipe lacks a plus button to add your tallys. That’s because all you do is tap twice to reveal more tallys and tap once to hide them for quick reference.

Getting Started With Tally Swipe

Our interface is completely capable of working without buttons.

That is how you’ll add and expand tallys when you want to use them. When you get done and don’t need to use them or you’re done using one just swipe up or tap the exit button to minimize your tally.

Getting Started With Tally Swipe

Our interactive interface is a pleasure to use.

Tally Swipe