You might be wondering what is Tally Swipe and what is it doing on a window cleaning company’s website. Tally Swipe solves of one of our biggest problems in window cleaning, counting windows. You see, every time we go out to estimate a job we have to count up all the windows. We offer many custom services and that leads to a lot of separate cost to keep track of. In the pursuit of professionalism and accuracy all the numbers become burdensome. Tally Swipe is the solution that we were looking for. Not only were we disenchanted with the available counters on the Apple App Store, but we took it one step further and created our own. We’re so excited that we’ve been able to develop a tool that will help many people in industries worldwide. Scroll down and take a look at some of the features we have developed to help you in anything that needs counting!

Tally swipe is your new favorite way to keep up with anything you’re counting. Enjoy the freedom to count as many things as you want and have a quick reference to them. Tally Swipe Allows you to keep multiple counters open and available.


  • Store an unlimited amount of counters.
  • Keep multiple Counter open/available to use.
  • Forget about tapping on buttons to count. Tally Swipe uses a single slider.
  • Auditory sounds and motor vibrations confirm when you’ve subtracted/added to your current amount.
  • Let others know what you’re counting and how much by exporting directly from within the app.
  • Choose to count by 1’s, 2’s, 7’s or anything you’d like to add or subtract by
  • Customize the reset amount to anything you’d like
  • Many more features to come with updates!

For any questions visit our FAQs page or Getting Started With Tally Swipe.